Drug Dealers: The New Slave Masters

The Wisdom of Imam W Deen Mohammed:
“We’ve become so black conscious, that we’re no longer conscious of ourselves as human beings. We treat each other so badly no feelings for each other; just the slightest little friction can make us kill each other. Dope pushers come among us and know we are trying to dignify our community; they know we’re trying to save ourselves from the influences of a long history of physical bondage in this country and we haven’t yet gotten free of it al­together, and they come and make the problems much worse by turning our community into a community of sleeping dope addicts.”

One thought on “Drug Dealers: The New Slave Masters

  1. Drug dealing by it’s very nature is an act of murder, not only to the victim, but also the murdering of a whole society.
    All non-addicted drug dealers in the business of dealing death for money, Allah will DEAL with them accordingly.


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